Associated partners

The LASCALA consortium also involves associated partners that contribute to guarantee the academic excellence and relevance of the training for the job market.

Benefit from a full immersion research experience with practicals in research labs, winter schools, on-site visits, seminars and internships proposed by our partners:

Research centres and large scale facilities

SOLEIL (France)

Frascati National Laboratory (Italy)

ELI (Hungary)

European Spallation Source (Sweden)

Laserlab Europe (European consortium)

Non-European partner institutions

Princeton University (USA)

Applied Physics Russian Academy of Science (Russia)

Weizmann Institute (Israel)

Summer and Winter Schools

SoSMSE - University of Genoa, Italy

JUAS - European Scientific Institute Schools/Discover-JUAS

ITER - Cadarache, France

Laser Mégajoule - Bordeaux, France